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BIOFREEZER can use its technological expertise to plan and deliver modern freezing containers to conserve and freeze products like:

  • meat
  • fish
  • milk products
  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • flowers
  • seeds
  • mushrooms
  • food processing units
  • maturation containers

using some of the most well known freezing products in Europe, in independent or mutli units, taking under consideration each individual case.

The company can also undertake the construction of electric boards for managing every kind of automated process. In addition, these boards can further be connected to a personal computer (PC) so as to retrieve compatibility with advanced monitoring and alarm systems.

The containers are constructed from ready-build thermo-protected materials, which can easily be installed and configured in terms of their size.

The containers interior is equipped with hygiene corners and plastic extensions (curved corners and wall protectors), all of them AA quality and fully compliant with the EU regulations.

The company offers all sorts of dividing schemes like turning, manual driven or electro-automated doors. Furthermore, BIOFREEZER handles the installation of PVC door curtains for every case that temperature control is required.

All products are covered by a proper use guarantee after being inspected and maintained by BIOFREEZER company.

The fully skilled and trained partners of the company can develop instant solutions to every kind of situation that might come up with their fully equipped mobile service points.

ΤΗΛ.: (22680) 29431, 6944698430
ΦΑΞ: (22680) 24121     email: info@biofreezer.gr